If you’re headed to an airport this holiday season, expect your fellow travelers to be more naughty than nice, travel experts said.


A new poll on air travel tolerance released by travel Web site Travelocity.ca, reveals the majority of Canadians expect travel delays, but show little tolerance for the rude behavior that results when patience wears thin during a trip.

"With all the crowds and the delays really comes some added frustration when you travel by air," said Jennifer Gaines, contributing editor of the site.

The online poll of more than 500 respondents found that 39 percent felt other travelers were less polite than in years past.

"They’re very focused on what that other annoying traveler is doing and they don’t make it a point to be polite themselves and that’s really what it’s all about."

Kicking the back of the seat topped the list of the rudest behaviors in the poll, followed by loud talking or swearing, excessively loud music or movies, hogging the arm rest, reclining the seat all the way back and taking off shoes.

Chatty neighbors and a curt flight crew tied for the most bothersome annoyances in a separate category of the survey, indicating that these factors would make their flight experience unpleasant.

Further down the list, environmental concerns such as dirty bathrooms, poor air quality and seating assignment were deemed less important.

Only five percent complained about the lack of food offered on shorter-haul flights.

"I think the biggest surprise is that people really aren’t adjusting their expectations as far as other traveler behavior is concerned," said Gaines.

"My advice is to definitely get to the airport on time, come prepared. That’s the number one thing you can do…so that you don’t become one of those frustrated travelers."

Via: Reuters