The week would not be complete without a few crazy shots of the strange and unusual.  Amazing photos.

Trying to become a true trendsetter, Felix dabbled in
extreme face ornaments and the black art of mouse mockery

When the beer was gone, the porta-pony keg
often doubled as a porta-urinal.

When birds and man collide

While it seemed like a great time for a power play, what Barry didn’t realize was that Marie
often carried a gun to these events and used it on the super aggressive opponents

The ad copy seemed nothing short of spectacular until the tiny fish made my loose lips sink ships

The high anxiety bicycle

Finally, a family that get’s the true meaning of ho ho ho

For Raymond, robbing the bank was easy.  But trying to navigate the
escape motorcycle while wearing the bunny suit was a real bitch

For Steve, the Wonderdog, the swimming events at the Worldwide Dog Olympics
became so much easier when he started using the aqua shield

Ricky Bob’s nifty wall mounted computer

There’s no need to fear, Underdog, and his brother Overdog, are here

When good geese go bad

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