US grandparents spend $50 billion
on their grandchildren every year, and many grandparents now think the
Internet is the best source for information and advice, according to "Meet the Grandparents: Introducing Today’s First Time
and Seasoned Grandparents" report, conducted with Focalyst.

Focalyst said there were more
than 70 million grandparents in the United States, and that one-quarter
of Americans would be grandparents by 2025.

Grandparents surveyed spent an average of nearly $1,700 on each grandchild.

Yet marketers may be missing the mark on this freely spending segment.

"Our research shows that almost half of grandparents surveyed
feel that ads today are geared toward the younger
generation," said Heather Stern, director of marketing for Focalyst.
"Moreover, most grandparents feel that the ad industry does not
accurately portray them."

Six out of 10 grandparents surveyed said the Internet was their top source for information and advice.

One-half of grandparents spent 10 or more hours online weekly.
Nearly 70% of online grandparents shopped online and 38% said they
clicked on ads.

Via eMarketer