If your husband, son or father won’t tag along when you want to purchase clothes for him this holiday season, try a Shoppenboy.

French menswear store Celio has launched a way to help shoppers by appointing male models, some with extra large appeal, to help them find exactly the right gift. Now shoppers can choose a man, who dons red boxers, whose body type is most like the man they’re buying for. The concept is that the various-sized models help people find the right fit for their purchases.

The store came up with the Les Shoppenboys concept a year ago, and Celio decided it would seek male volunteers. What began as a joke slowly has taken own its own life, after an online casting received 2,000 submissions.

Although the men do not want to be taken seriously, some think the gentleman are having an important impact on the male psyche. It’s not all about looks. Size matters, too.

via Arbroath