This weeks photos give new meaning to architects on steroids, the mobile office, gun twirling, and the 2008 Olympics in China. Amazing photos.

When you get tired of staying in hotels, the new
“Home in a Box” is a great alternative



Some athletes will obviously have better landings than others



It was important to practice the gun twirling before the big parade,
but Troop 47 decided to just “wing it”



Once again this architect tested positive for steroid use



It’s not the size of the tank in the fight,
but rather the size of the fight in the tank that counts



Eugene later regretted eating the entire squash pie almost the moment he swallowed his last bite



After two days of negotiations, the Plank-Standers Union finally
sent three guys over to handle this demanding assignment



Some grandmothers are just raised different than others



It wasn’t so much that Ti Woo was mad at the wood, rather it was
his childhood of being raised by a pack of beavers that inspired him at times like this



Yes, the Olympics will be in China later this year,
and yes, there are a lot of people who want to help



The mobile office worked quite well, but Sally had major
difficulties trying to drive while checking emails



No it wasn’t reasonable, but for Beth, her fear of cosmic rays was overwhelming



When the car you drive has an insatiable desire to become an optical illusion


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