There will be no new sporting world records after 2060 as humans will have reached their physiological limits, French scientists have claimed.


The conclusion by experts at France’s biomedical and epidemiological institute of sport, Irmes, followed analysis of 3,260 world records set since 1896 – the year of the first modern Olympics.

Then, athletes used 75 per cent of their physical capacity, while today, according to the study by the body linked to the French sports ministry, they use about 99 per cent.

After looking at five disciplines – athletics, cycling, weightlifting, swimming and speed skating – the researchers are convinced that the human race will soon hit a brick wall in setting world records.

"It’s the beginning of the end," said Jean-Francois (cedilla) Toussaint, head of Irmes. "We are reaching the limit in terms of physiological capacities of the human race."

Source: Telegraph