How often has a man wished he had some foolproof gadget to let him read the female mind? Now, with the arrival of the mood-reading dress, that help may just have arrived.


The Bubelle dress uses emotion sensors fitted to a figure-hugging inner layer to detect what kind of mood a woman is in.

Then a special outer layer changes colour so men (and women) can see exactly what they are up against. The sensitive dress, which was designed by electronics giant Philips, works by monitoring physical changes associated with different emotions.

Emotions such as stress, arousal or fear generate light that then changes pattern and colour, based on its intensity.

Researchers at the Dutch firm are now working on electronic tattoos which could also change design based on mood.

‘The tattoos could even change in response to gestures or emotions,’ said a spokeswoman.


Video: YouTube

Source: Design-Phillips

via Metro