If you just can’t wait 141 seconds for your toast, here’s a must-have for your wish list.

For while the average machine takes more than two minutes to brown bread, the Turbo Toaster can do it in just 50 seconds.

It speeds up the morning ritual with technology which has more in common with a jet aircraft than a kitchen worktop.

The traditional toaster runs a current through parallel metal wires or bars that take time to heat up and cool down.

But the turbo version has a giant fan on its side which sucks in air. This is heated by the metal elements and blasted at the bread, making toast in a trice.

A little bit of patience is still required, however, as the Turbo Toaster is as yet only a prototype. It was designed by Oliver Newberry, a graduate of Central St Martins College in London, on Heinz’s behalf. And it is not yet certain to go into full production.

Source: DailyMail