Ticked Off? Social networking site GoToTheDoghouse.com offers one of the hottest new ways to send someone to the Doghouse.

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For many people the holidays are a stressful time, with tempers
flaring when we’re supposed to be feeling joyous. Now there is help,
and it’s not a potent cocktail or a free trip to Tahiti (although that would be nice wouldn’t it!). A new social networking site can take the edge off, GoToTheDoghouse.com. The site has coined a new definition for the word "Dogging", meaning you’ve put someone (or something) in the Doghouse within a public venue.

Along with its "Dog ‘Em" section, the site offers a Head to Head
feature. With the simple click of an icon you can challenge people who
have posted a story, or feedback to a story, and debate the topic at
hand. Recently two people went Head to Head about real Christmas trees
vs. fake trees, with some pretty interesting feedback from Members.
Here is an excerpt: Member X says, "What are you talking about? When
Jesus was being tempted in the desert, it was Santa who brought him
shade by providing a tree. Also, many scholars believe that the real
message of the burning bush, is that you should not buy your Christmas
tree lights from Walmart."
Member Z responds, "Santa brought Jesus shade? Did the Tooth Fairy
provide spare change?
 I know it is that time of year when we pay
tribute to Jesus by buying crap and killing a baby tree, but we should
go easy on the forests. We use enough with all the catalogs pouring
into our homes. Perhaps we should use them to make paper mache trees."

If you don’t have a personal conflict or gripe at the moment, don’t
worry. GoToTheDoghouse.com offers the opportunity to post or respond to
member- submitted polls and the website’s own "Who’s In Our Doghouse"
daily poll. As Deborah Curtan, the website’s Content Producer and
former Hollywood insider, said, "Who doesn’t have an opinion on whether
or not Britney Spears, Michael Vick or a political candidate belongs in the Doghouse?"

Whether you’re ticked off
with a family member, a coworker, a company, a politician, or even a
product, members of the social networking site can simply Dog ‘Em. "We
like to say that Dogging is healthy when you do it in an environment
that keeps your fists, road rage, and screaming away from real people,"
states Founder and CEO, Suzanne Duret. "But even more so, it’s fun to
communicate with other people over what ticks us off. There is
something to be said about ‘misery loves company.’"

As one of the site’s members stated, "I live in the Doghouse. Now I can prove to my wife that I’m not always deserving of it."

Via Yahoo