The digital lifestyle has arrived in the country and home automation is the latest in a hightech world that promises ultimate luxury. A home network integrates all the appliances into a single system controlled through a remote control. Intelligent homes offer conveniences one wouldn’t have even imagined a decade ago.

A home automation system integrates the data from different appliances to suit your needs.

Each appliance works as a sensor that processes and sends its data to a central processing unit. Thus, standard home appliances like the toaster, television, home theatre and geyser are able to respond to individual commands.

The experience of a networked home environment begins at the front door where visitors can enroll their fingerprints thus gaining access to the home.

When a visitor presses the doorbell, he will hear a personalised message of welcome on the door and if an authorised visitor, the door automatically opens.

The watchman at the society gate will take an image of your guest and let you know of your visitor’s arrival over the phone connected to the digital home gateway.

As your guest approaches your apartment, the door camera will detect his motion and show live video on your screen, with beeps calling your attention.

You can then decide to open the door, if you like what you see!

Via Times of India