The U.S. dollar fell across
the board in 2007 and suffered the deepest losses against the
Canadian dollar, among the world’s most heavily traded major

The greenback registered its biggest decline against the
Canadian currency in four years, down almost 15 percent and
falling below parity for the first time in 31 years.

The extent of the U.S. currency’s weakness in 2007 was
largely not predicted. The 12-month forecast for the euro,
according to the median estimate from a Reuters poll a year
ago, was $1.32. But it is currently trading at around $1.46.

The table below shows the dollar’s performance against nine
major currencies this year and the current 12-month forecasts.


U.S. dlr/Canadian 0.9930 -14.8 1.04
U.S. dlr/Norwegian Crown 5.4291 -12.9 5.57
Australian/U.S. dlr 0.8768 11.1 0.87
Euro/U.S. dlr 1.4599 10.6 1.40
New Zealand/U.S. dlr 0.7664 8.9 N/A
U.S. dlr/Swiss franc 1.1331 -7.0 1.16
U.S. dlr/yen 111.38 -6.4 110.0
U.S. dlr/Swedish Crown 6.4603 -5.6 6.51
Sterling/U.S. dlr 1.9848 1.3 1.96

Via Reuters