One of the biggest stressors in a woman’s life is a bumpy marriage – the worse
the marriage, the higher the stress level but "the better the wedding, the lower
the stress level".

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according to a study carried out by researchers, a happy marriage cuts stress
for working women as they have lower levels of a stress hormone than those in
miserable relationships, the


reported here on Wednesday.

However, it does not make any
difference in case of their husbands as men’s stress levels are determined
mainly by how busy they are at work, not the state of their home life.

According to lead researcher
Darby Saxbe of University of California, "As far as women are concerned, being
happily married appears to bolster physiological recovery from

"Women in unhappy
marriages are coming home from a busy day and, instead of having some time to
relax and have a spouse picking up the load of setting the table, getting dinner
going, signing forms for the kids, these women may have immediately to launch
back into another stressful routine," he said.

"Perhaps in happily married
couples the demands of domestic life are being shared more equitably between men
and women, or at least that may be the case when wives return home from a
demanding day at work," Darby

The researchers came to
the conclusion after analysing a data of 60 married parents who were asked how
satisfied they were with their marriage and how busy they were at work. They
also collected saliva samples from participants in the early morning, afternoon
and evening to measure cortisol levels.

Women in happy marriages were
found to have stronger declines of the hormone than those in less blissful
unions while in men, the state of their relationship with their wife appeared to
have little influence on levels of cortisol, which were affected far more by how
busy they felt at work.

Via Times of India