Isn’t math beautiful?  Here are the top fifteen entries selected to be in the Benoit Mandelbrot
Fractal Art Contest 2007 exhibition.

Benoît B. Mandelbrot, PhD, (born November 20, 1924) is a JewishAmerican mathematician, best known as the "father of fractal geometry". The Benoit Mandelbrot
Fractal Art Exhibition was named after him.

Shuttered Windows
by Susan Chambless


by Chris Oldfield


Sunset Mood
by Stefan Vitanov


by Manu Martín


Evening Read
by Joseph Presley


by Ewa Stryza


by Lenora Clark


Bubbling Growth
by Jussi Härkönen


Jungle Allure
by Diane Walker


Mandelbrot Mountains
by Lilliane Rosschaert


Theme Park 2
by David Makin


Dreamtime Persistence
by Cory Ench


The Last of the Butterflies
by Juliette Gribnau


by Liz Nixon


Cave of the West Witch
by Joe Guerin

Spiral Fantasy
by Alfred Laing


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