A 18-year-old was arrested this week after trying to kill his father strangling him with the cable of his videoconsole gamepad.


While the videogame console brand hasn’t been disclosed yet, the police have been able to establish the circumstances that lead to the almost surrealistic (but strangely understandable) murder attempt:

According to the police, the teenager was playing intensely with a game at the time of the event. The father, who warned him several times to stop playing, went into the room to demand that he turn off the videoconsole. The son ignored the father’s orders and kept playing trying to finish his game. As a response, the angry paterfamilias unplugged the power cable, making the son lose his progress in the game.

At that point, the son furiously jumped off the sofa and, angered by the fact that he lost all his game progress tried to strangle his father with the cable of the gamepad, almost achieving it. Fortunately, the wife heard the struggle and helped his husband to break from his agressor. After that, the police and emergency medical teams arrived to the scene, taking the father to the hospital. A few minutes after this, the police arrested the son in a nearby street in Bilbao, the spanish city where the events occurred earlier this week.

The son is now under custody and going to be judged for a domestic violence crime. Now, while I don’t approve of his reaction, I have to confess that sometimes I have felt an intense desire to smack someone because of similar reasons, being losing my progress in a long game or a document. I don’t care if it happens because someone steps over the power cable or a general electric failure, but I have to say that I have crashed more than one gamepad and mouse against the wall. What about you?

via: gizmodo.com