Whether natural or artificially concocted, Mabel’s images were making their way onto blogs at an alarming pace. Amazing. Simply amazing.

And we have to emphasize… added nuts


Satellite dish fashion was very important in Mexico
Most people on the block would not be caught dead with a plain dish




Wilber wasn’t exactly sure when the socket-neck operation took place,
but most girls tended to feel sorry for him, and that was a big plus



Referrences in history to “blackjack” came from this man
He was also instrumental in creating the world’s first sliced-bread machine




The drive-thru taco station even handled the giant car-sized tacos



Leading the world in intelligent-flame lighters



…and the new Audi comes with great search capability as well


If only John Travolta got wind of this guy…



As a true test of “may the force be with you”, each participant was thrown a waterball



Visitors thought she was rather kinky, but the reversable wife robot was always a big hit



Shadow-block sculptures were not only difficult to create, but even harder to animate




After being rejected as the fourth member of the Blue Man Group because of
his intense yellow color, Winston resorted to some more extreme theatrics



The Mac-Couch wasn’t exactly comfortable,
but the caliber of visitors was continuing to climb

No, it wasn’t exactly what you would call a brilliant flight plan,
but the passengers did finally stop complaining about the food



Sammy the Snail accidentally made his way into his owner’s Viagra
and spent the rest of the day looking rather rediculous



The piano-player inside was desperately trying to get out, but the music was
simply too tough for Fred to claim any credit


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