networking sites rather than face-to-face interaction being the
preferred mode of social interaction, it’s important how you present
yourself online.

ine image?

With the various online networking sites taking the place of
face-to-face meetings, their online image has become increasingly
important. And ‘networkers’ are going all out to make their profiles
attention grabbing, whether on a dating or matrimonial site or for
business networking.

Here are some interesting tips for that picture adorning your profile
on Facebook (or any other social networking site for that matter).

on one of these sites, having signed up to either keep in touch with
friends or find new ones. And the sites themselves are constantly
updating and installing new features to make networking more

And looks are definitely a criterion to determine your standing on
these sites. Says architect Aishwarya Sinha, “I wouldn’t accept a
friend request without a picture, even if the profile looks okay,” she

Verma, a software professional who frequents networking sites, says
that he keeps updating his pictures. “It’s a great way to keep friends
posted on what’s going on in my life. I am into adventure sports and
have put up lots of pictures of my sporting activities. The girls think
it’s cool,” he says.

DJ Sasha feels it’s important to put up a photo that really reflects
yourself. “Many girls put group photos and you have to keep guessing
who matches the profile. They should put up photos that reflect who
they really are and not what they’d like others to believe,” he says.

marriages arranged via the Net, looks are a deciding factor and
everyone makes sure they look their best on their profiles. Prithvi
Banwasi, who used to work with a matrimonial agency, says online photos
can be deceptive. “Most prospective brides have special photoshoots
arranged; everyone wants to look like a star,” he says.

Showing the photograph first to a prospective marriage partner can work
both ways. “But eventually, it’s the face-to-face meeting that counts,”
Prithvi adds.

Net has become a hub for people to meet prospective clients, employees
and employers. Though the concept of online business networking is
quite new in India, it’s picking up fast. Management consultant Gautam
Ghosh says, “A picture impacts how a person is viewed.

If a person looks younger than he really is, clients may think he
doesn’t have the necessary experience. So it’s important how you
present yourself,” he says.

it comes to the online business, there’s a dress code too. Gautam says,
“I was one of the earliest members on a business site. How you are
perceived with respect to your field is also important. It’s okay for
an adman to have a ponytail in his picture, but not for the head of a
company,” he says.

Via Times of India