Nothing like a giant fake moose to get people excited

In an effort to boost tourism, the Swedes are planning to build a giant 47 m (154 ft) long and 45 m (148 ft) tall “Trojan Moose” on top of the Vithatten mountain.



The Trojan Moose

It will be built out of wood, and like a Trojan Horse be put into the great landscape of northern Sweden bringing tourists in from all over the world.


The Trojan Moose

The giant Moose will house a restaurant, conference halls, concert spaces, exhibitions spaces and a observatory with a view that might beat The Statue of Liberty’s torch observatory. Another detail is that the visitors get up into the Moose through a elevator inside of giant pine three.

The question we might ask is: Will the parts of the construction come in flat boxes, with a instruction sheet, screws and a Allen wrench?

Thorbjön Holmlund of the Big Moose (“Stoorn”) Project wrote:

To enter the moose you’ll either ride along the road that will be built all the way to the top, or use the wood-paths alongside the mountain. On the top you’ll enter the pinetree in wich the elevator will lift you 35 m to the mouth. Inside the moose there will be 3 floors with a surface of ca 500 m², the content of these floors will be conference-rooms / exhibitions / consert-hall etc. The neck will contain the kitchen and the restaurant with a surface of 250 m². The outdoor café will be on top of the antlers and will have a surface of 100 m². Parts of the branches on the big pine tree will serve as a big umbrella, protecting the outdoor café from rain and snow.


via Neatorama