Many consumers are unsure of what
to do about the upcoming shift to digital television, according to a
survey of 1,153 US households conducted by Centris on behalf of the Association of Public Television Stations.

Almost half of over-the-air
households indicated they would either buy a converter box or purchase
a digital TV before the switch to digital goes into effect Feb. 17,

But nearly a quarter of respondents said they didn’t know what
steps they would take and another 19% said they would "do nothing."
Only 12% indicated they would sign up for cable or satellite service.

While awareness of the federally mandated switch to digital TV
is growing, most Americans have no idea why the government is making
the switch a requirement.

The study found that of those who were aware of the
transition, 77% did not know why it was occurring. "It appears that the
government’s positive message regarding the reasons for the transition
has fallen on deaf ears," said APTS CEO John Lawson.

Via eMarketer