With the Buffalo keyboard and built-in Skype phone,
you’ll have everything you need to communicate with the outside world
right at your fingertips. This is one of those technolgy that could instantly push Skype and other VOIP services to a whole new level.

Buffalo keyboard & Skype phone

The receiver is Skype certified,
so you won’t have to do much to it to get it to work other than have
Skype on your machine and install all of the appropriate software.
There is one downside, though, that you’ll notice right when you pick
up the set: it’s pretty small. While that’s a good thing in the sense
that it doesn’t add too much to the keyboard, you may not feel all that
powerful after all. Other than that, you’ve got a full board with 109

The Buffalo BKBU-SKJ109/SV comes out in Japan, where Skype is crazy popular, in early October for around $65.


Via Dvice