As kids’ most loved game – Lego – celebrates its 50th birthday, a whole slew of
‘Lego porn’ videos have hit the Internet, claiming it’s not a toy just for kids anymore.

For generations,
kids have been using Lego’s colourful plastic bricks to construct everything
from houses and castles to monsters and robots.

However, there are also fans
of the game who would rather make the toy more ‘adult’. The video sharing
website, YouTube, contains a whole collection that includes some explicit toy
action in animated video spoofs of adult films. Some of these videos can only be
accessed by individuals over 18 years of age.

One of the videos named,
‘Crissy’s Lonely Valentine’s Night’, starring Crissy Canyon as ‘Suzie’ and Eric
Neverhard as ‘Phone Guy’, features voiceovers and saucy

In the video, Crissy and
her friend call an engineer to come and fix their telephone, which is not
broken, and when a plumber finally turns up, they all end up in an orgy. In
fact, this cheesy video ends on a tongue-in-cheek note after the arrival of a

However, a Lego
spokeswoman has condemned the videos, saying they were in poor taste. "This is
something Lego is not happy about. Lego would never intentionally do anything to
offend people. But there is nothing we can do to prevent it in a legal sense,"


quoted her as saying.

In another video called ‘Adult
Lego Star Wars’ featuring Luke Skywalker and a Stormtrooper, the duo is shown to
be engaged in a gay romp.

more video shows the bear-like Chewbacca enjoying a threesome with two of Darth
Vader’s fighters.

In ‘Sex and
Slaughter’, two Lego men take turns to ‘bed’ a third toy. Later, one reappears
with an axe and beheads them both, before a fourth character slams into the
house in a Lego car.

there are even ‘Lego sex’ devotees on the web. The profile page of a 24-year-old
man listed as ‘Lego Porn’ on MySpace indicates that he likes "normal" things
like "walking in the rain, staring at the stars and no strings hedonistic Lego
sex". This guy even has friends called Mr Lego and Lego Socks.

On Facebook, a group called ‘I
Love Lego Sex’ has been made "for anyone who finds Lego sex to be hilarious".

A spokesman for the The
Brickish Association, a serious group of ‘AFOLs’ (Adult Fans of Lego), said: "I
don’t want to be associated with something like that."

Via Times of India