Britain’s "Frisky Fifties"
have swapped the boardroom for the bedroom but one in 10 could be putting
themselves at risk of infection by having sex without a contraceptive, a survey
showed on Thursday.

The survey of sexually active seniors in a
youth-dominated culture revealed age is no barrier for those with more time on
their hands — almost half of those polled were having sex at least once a

"These findings shatter the myth that once you hit 50 your sex
life is over," said Emma Soames, editor of Saga Magazine which has tapped a rich
new market in sprightly, affluent pensioners ready to live their retirement
years to the full.

By the year 2025, people over 60 will outnumber
the under 25’s in Britain. Already the over 55’s, prime benefactors from a
property boom, own 80% of the nation’s disposable wealth.

With the
burden of bringing up children now lifted, many have money to burn while
enjoying greater longevity and better health. Soames said: "Forget about the
Dirty Thirties or the Naughty Forties. The Frisky Fifties are having the most
fun by swapping the boardroom for the bedroom."

Sex is also less
pressure after 50, according to 85% of those sounded out in the survey. Seven
out of 10 found sex more fulfilling than when they did in their youth. A
minority of just 16% admitted using performance-enhancing drugs like Viagra for
added zing.

But the Populus survey of almost 8,000 over-50’s did
come with a health warning. Recent research has shown increasing cases of
sexually transmitted diseases in older age groups.

Via Times of India