China removed more
than 200 million items of harmful online information last year,
according to the National Office for Cleaning Up Pornography and
Fighting Illegal Publications.

office’s local branches also cracked down more than 4,000 pornographic
messages and 150 kinds of pornographic publications, cell phone novels
and Internet games.

Last year, the country confiscated about 149 million pornographic, pirated and unauthorized publications.

these were 3.72 million pornographic publications, 3.2 million illegal
newspapers and magazines, 3.36 million smuggled discs and 136 million
pirated publications.

enforcement departments investigated more than 31,000 cases involving
the production, sale and distribution of illegal publications in the
past year, including 667 criminal cases.

The office said
that the nationwide campaign launched last year against piracy, online
pornography and illegal publications had achieved positive results.

Via China Daily