Researchers are working on a vaccine against wide range of diseases with
bacteria acting as a carrier of the

"Any vaccine, be it
for protection against peptic ulcers, HIV or Malaria, can be carried into the
human body on top of Helicobacter pylor Bacteria," eminent Australian scientist
and Nobel laureate Prof Barry J Marshall has

Delivering a talk at "Bio
Asia-2008" conference in Hyderabad on Friday night, he said his team of
researchers at the Western Australian University was conducting experiments on
mice and cloning vaccine molecules into

The present focus
was on developing a vaccine against gastric cancer and ulcers, Marshall

Fifty-seven year old
Australian Physician was the co-recipient of Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2005
along with J Robin Warren for the discovery of bacterium Helicobacter Pylori and
its role in gastritis and peptic

The tests were being
conducted on cholera vaccine as well using bacteria as the carrier, he

In a bacterial culture
system, Millions of doses of vaccine could be made which would prove very useful
in protecting the community against an epidemic.

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Nobel Laureate Prof Barry J Marshall

Via Times of India