Just when you were looking for something to insult your intelligence and slap you across your creative spot, these appeared…

No one knew exactly what planet it came from, just that many people were never heard from again



The locals called him “Lumpy the Speed Bumpy”, but driving over him was more than a little mistake



Pond zipping was all the rage in England last year, but not so much today

Even though he was disqualified at some of the races, Hugo the Humungous
was a favorite among the fans, and one hell of a racer


Later on, no one wanted to be the pawn on the Sparta team



Mom always knew when little Johnny caught a ride on Maxwell’s fish truck


Edward the Knife Dude was a lonely sort of guy, not much fun on a second date



Ducks hate voyeuristic people, but they love sticking their own beaks in places they don’t belong


When the obnoxious neighbors came over, we always rolled out the “ouch couch”


Super Cat never wore a suit and cape, but could alway manage to cough up one hell of a furball



Elmer Willis wanted to be close to his wife….., but not that close


Fred Flinstone called and he wants his motorcycle back

It was all going so well until the phone rang



Those of you who are teople poo, we have our you on eyes


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