A Singapore-based retailer pulled a line of cheeky Jesus-branded cosmetics from its shelves after complaints from irate Catholics. Go figure!


The cosmetics, called "Lookin’ Good for Jesus", are made by American makeup company Blue Q. It was sold in three Topshop outlets in Singapore.

Wing Tai Holdings, which manages the Topshop brand in the city-state, pulled the items of its shelves late last month after some customers complained.

Some of the products sold include, a "virtuous vanilla" lip balm, hand and body cream and a mirrored Jesus statuette.

They feature a drawing of Jesus flanked by two adoring women and carry slogans such as "Get tight with Christ", "Get His Attention" and "Redeem Your Reputation and More".

Blue Q also carries other tongue-in-cheek items such as a "Believe in God Breath Spray".

You can find all these products here.

Source: News.com.au