The Laser Harp is a musical instrument developed by Dan Millikin
and Tim Walsh. It is a simple concept: the "harp strings" are beams of
laser light directed at sensors, which detect whether or not the beam
is on or off. That all sounds kinda boring, but watching one in actual use is way cool.

When the performer plucks a string (breaking the beam of light to
the sensor), a MIDI note is sent to a musical synthesizer and the
corresponding note is played. The laser harp is designed so that the
strings can be multicolor, or color modulated.

a preview of the Laser Harp

The sensors are designed to be separate from the laser source so
that the strings can be made longer. It would be possible to make a
giant overhead laser harp that filled a room with beams, and the
audience could play it from underneath.

The Laser Spectacles laser harp is designed for its own use in
its own productions. There are no plans for a production model at this

we have had the laser harp on our web site, we have found other
laser-harp related items on the web. This beautiful laser harp to the
left was invented by Geoff Rose of Laser Special Events in Australia.

And be sure to check out Jean Michel Jarre’s site! He is famous for playing a laser harp. You can find it at


Videos here