This week we take a glimpse into an undiscovered world that only vegetables and a few left handed people have ever come to grips with. Amazing photos.

Finding a hog-proof couch is still difficult in Arkansas where wild boars are all the rage



Juan Carlos demonstrated his patented “pivot move” to stop Jamall from scoring.
Headaches were a common side effect though.



He only paused between bites, but moments later Whisker’s snores could be heard throughout the house



Heineken and R2D2. A match made in heaven



“Hey big giant tree dude! What’s that thing growing out of your nest?”



Hootie knew he landed wrong, but never expected this would happen



Local weather forecasters found it amusing and started
forecasting the weather patterns forming around the big man’s head



The pileup at the bottom was a thing of beauty. Painful and bloody, but a thing of beauty.



Forrest for the trees, young man. Forrest for the tress.



The photo looked very romantic, but this was a kiss that only an emergency room could love



How to ruin a great romantic evening

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