number of online videos delivered through professionally-branded sites
grew by over 50% in 2007 to 33.5 billion streams, according to Accustream iMedia Research.

On professional, non-user-generated sites, entertainment content surpassed music as the top category, garnering 26.8% of views.

News and information was the second most-viewed category with 21.4%
of views, music had 20.8% and television (including long-form TV shows)
came in at 13.8% of views.

Pent-up consumer demand for premium broadcast network programs was apparent. Online TV views grew 148.9%

Music and movie trailer views on professional sites both declined in
2007, 10.9% and 16.2% respectively. Accustream said that overall views
in these categories were not declining, but were instead being viewed
more often on user-generated sites.

Reflecting increased competition and expansion of the online video
market, average views per unique user dropped to 6.14 videos per month,
compared with 9.7 in 2006.

Via Accustream iMedia Research.