Newspaper Ads
When given the option, 61% of Canadians would actually prefer to look at a newspaper advertisement rather than a TV commercial, according to an online survey conducted by Ipsos Reid on behalf of the Canadian Newspaper Association.

Overall, 66% of respondents indicated that they enjoyed the ads and product inserts found in newspapers. There was some variance among demographic groups, however.

Women were more likely to find the ads enjoyable than men, 70% versus 62% respectively.

Those ages 18 to 34 were less likely than those 34 and older; 55% versus 71% respectively.

Less education was also an indicator of enjoyment of newspaper ads. Only 55% of university graduates and 66% of those with post-secondary education liked newspaper ads compared with 70% of high-school graduates.

Conversely, those with higher income liked newspaper ads more. Only 52% earning less than $30,000 liked the ads, while 67% of households earning above $30,000 enjoyed them.