Russia to Build UFO Center

Authorities in a remote Russian region at the centre of dozens of reports of UFO sightings have started work on a £3 million centre to attract alien spotters.

Perm in south-eastern Russia is well-known as a centre for UFO sightings, and many believe Perm is regularly visited by aliens.

Now officials want to cash in on the fame with a centre that will include a museum and theme park.

It will include an observatory for people to scan the skies for UFOs, a special trail along sites of supposed UFO sightings, as well as displays and even equipment like infra-red cameras that can be rented by UFO spotters to catch aliens on film.

A lawyer is even planning to open an office there to give advice on compensation to people who have been the victim of alien abduction. Officials said they expect the centre to draw in thousands of visitors from across the world every year.

Via Daily Times