The prototype of Hidra Fioravanti

Italian car designer Leonardo Fioravanti (who worked for Pininfarina for a number of years) has developed a car prototype without windshield wipers. This amazing technological feat is made possible thanks to the use of 4 layers of glass modified using nanotechnology. The first layer filters the sun and repels the water. The second layer, using ‘nano-dust’ is able to push dirt to the side. The third layer acts as a sensor that activates the second layer when it detects dirt, while the fourth layer is a conductor of electricity to power this complex mechanism.

Google’s translation from Italian: New idea of Fioravanti for its twentieth year of operation, the company founded by the famous designer who for years has made the history of Pininfarina (almost all his most beautiful Ferrari) has just proposed the first car without wipers. A prototype baptized Hidra that thanks to the use of nanotechnItalian car designer Leonardo Fioravantiology in a special aerodynamic study can keep clean the windscreen, while not having any brush.

Everything stems from a special glass that thanks to four sophisticated surface treatments change the characteristics of glass at the molecular level. The first (in contact with the outdoor air) is based on titanium dioxide: filters the sun but, above all, gives the windscreen a strong hydrophobic effect. The second layer of glass is actually made up of microscopic dust pushing dirt on the sides of the glass, in turn activated by sensors placed in the third layer forming clean the windshield as needed (quantity of water or dirt for disposal). And ‘Unbelievable as it is a conductor of electricity, needed to power the operation of this complicated windscreen.

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