College Students Buried in Facebook

College students still can’t get enough of Facebook.

According to Youth Trends’ February 2008 “Top Ten List Report,” Facebook was students’ favorite Web site for the seventh straight quarter.

“Among men, CollegeHumor, Break and Digg all experienced gains over the most recent quarter as MySpace missed out making the top ten for the first time in a year and half,” said Josh Weil, CEO of Youth Trends.

Among women, Mr. Weil said that “the big story besides the continued dominance of Facebook was the rise of Perez Hilton’s blog, which cracked the top five for the first time.”

Online video is popular with both men and women in college, and YouTube was in the top five for both groups.

It is not surprising that Facebook was the top pick for college students. Social networking is wildly popular among the university set.

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