Blind Artist
A color-blind artist who could only recognize black and white shades has learned how to paint with a full palette by “hearing” the hues he cannot see.

Neil Harbisson, 25, has been fitted with a device called an Eyeborg, which converts 360 colors into different sounds.

As an art student at Dartington College of Arts in Devon, he painted only in black and white because that is all he saw. But three years ago he met Adam Montandon, a cybernetics expert who came to give a lecture at the college.

After the talk, Montandon was told of Harbisson’s condition and he took up the challenge of solving the problem, enabling Harbisson to paint in color. The artist suffers from achromatopsia – or complete congenital color blindness.

Montandon decided to harness the way in which different colors reflect light at different frequencies, with light vibrating fastest from violet and slowest from red.

The first device fitted to Harbisson’s head was fairly primitive, letting him “hear” only six colors. His current model is far more sophisticated, giving him access to 360 colors.

Source: Times Online

via Spluch