First Kiss

Most Brits remember their first car more readily than their first kiss, according to a new survey.

Getting a set of wheels ranked more highly for young people than their initial embrace, their first boyfriend or girlfriend and their 18th birthday.

More than 40% of those surveyed were so attached to their first car that they could recall its number plate in full, the survey by the British International Motor Show found.

Six in ten regarded their first car as female, a quarter gave it a name and 12% felt more attractive to the opposite sex once they had qualified to drive.

Kirsty Perkinson, one of the show organizers, said: “People develop powerful bonds with their cars, especially their first.

“First cars represent an explosion of independence and a gateway to untold adventures, which is why they are so special.”

The most common first car was a Ford Fiesta, followed by a Ford Escort, Mini and Nissan Micra, most of which were between six and ten years old.

More than a third had sex in the back seat of their first car, and half left home once they had wheels.

The poll of 2,011 adults showed that 59% saw passing the driving test as a life-changing event.

Nearly six in ten passed their driving test first time, but more than 10% needed at least three attempts.

Via Ananova