Robotic Hunting Trophy

Yeah, this is a little crazy and probably not high on your priority list.  There are 11 different robotic animals like the one shown. Each robot has its own internal program which reacts with the outside environment thanks to its infrared sensor that makes the robots come to life and become aggressive towards anyone who comes near.

A viewer can stand in front and look at them and they are inactive, but the minute they come closer, the robots turn their heads in the viewer’s direction, their eyes light up, their mouths half-open they start growling.

No word on pricing yet, but ay robot who bursts into your home with the intent to kill you dead will have to think twice when it sees it’s kind mounted throughout the room. The robot will be stunned just long enough for me to fill it full of lead and add to my collection. This is our planet you metal bastard!

Via Slippery Brick