Make Your Message Count

Does your message work? You only have 10 seconds to connect before a person tunes you out. That’s the bad news. The good news is that improving the first 10 seconds allows for a HUGE leap in communications.

On Saturday, March 1st, the DaVinci Institute will be hosting the “Make Your Message Count” Boot Camp in Louisville, Colorado from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.

NOTE: Dave Taylor will be making a special guest appearance on Saturday. See bio after the jump.


The goodies in life go to those who enroll others. Your business, career and even your dating success, depends on your ability to enroll others. In this boot camp we will address:

  1. Non-verbal signals – Words alone are 7% of all communication. Learn how you might be confusing others with non-verbal communication. Line up the non-verbal and verbal communication to create one congruent, powerful message.
  2. Words – Upgrade your pitch and structure it for maximum impact.
  3. Limiting Beliefs – If deep down you don’t believe in what you are saying, you give the non-verbal message: “Don’t say yes, I’m not even enrolled! For fun, we will take volunteers and show how to shift limiting subconscious beliefs into more empowering ones.

Be prepared to share your “pitch” with the group.

EVENT: Make Your Message Count!
DATE: March 1, 2008 – Saturday
8:30 am – 12:30 pm

LOCATION: DaVinci Institute, 511 South Boulder Road, Louisville, CO 80027

INSTRUCTORS: Michael Cushman and Allison Taylor, with special guest appearance by Dave Taylor

COST: $119 – ($79 for DaVinci Institute Members) – Register here.
COMBO PACKAGE: Membership combined with Make Your Message Count!: $179 – Register here. *

* – A $298 value. More about DaVinci Institute Memberships and Combo Packages at click here.

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About Your Instructors

Michael Cushman of Engaging Change brings his experience in engagement and non-verbal leadership together with Allison Taylor of Paravox and her expertise in marketing and subconscious communications. Visit and for additional background on these Instructors.

INSTRUCTOR: Michael Cushman

Michael CushmanMichael Cushman, The Engaging Guru, is a Senior Fellow at the DaVinci Institute who loves helping others create the future. Michael is an expert in business culture and change leadership. His approach towards engaging and managing group dynamics and non-verbal leadership has changed how others view branding, relationship development, and leading change.He has successfully led cultural tune-ups, operational excellence, created award-winning products, and introduced profitable technology and process improvements at over 50 companies, including Verizon, BT, Holiday Hospitality, American Red Cross, Waste Management, Revlon, and Chevron. Besides working on projects and writing for DaVinci, Michael blogs at, coaches executives, and speaks on how to accelerate business results by engaging others.

INSTRUCTOR: Allison Taylor

Allison Taylor - Senior Fellow, Chief Inspiration Officer, DaVinci InstituteAllison Taylor is the co-host the Startup Junkie Underground, a Senior Fellow, and part of the core team leading the direction of the DaVinci Institute. As a serial entrepreneur, she has a keen understanding of what it takes to create a business and grow it into a successful enterprise.Allison is a Business Consultant and Marketing Strategist specializing in networking, sales training, word-of-mouth marketing, and executive skill development. Through her business, Paravox, she offers consulting and training in innovative marketing and performance tactics to significantly improve business growth and profitability. Additionally, Allison counsels corporate executives in understanding and overcoming subconscious barriers to ultimate success. With a background in psychology and physics, Allison uses simple strategies to influence positive human behavior, and performance measurement principles to improve bottom-line results.Allison is a Certified Instructor in the N.U.D.E. Model of Referral Marketing. Before Paravox, Allison had a 10 year career in market research, and held multiple corporate executive positions in marketing and sales. Allison lives in Denver, Colorado, and can be reached at 303-956-2280 or [email protected].


INSTRUCTOR – Dave Taylor


  Dave TaylorDave Taylor has been involved with the Internet since 1980 and is widely recognized as an expert on both technical and business issues. He has been published over a thousand times, launched four Internet-related startup companies and has written twenty business and technical books including the best selling “Wicked Cool Shell Scripts” and “Complete Idiot’s Guide to Growing Your Business with Google”, and most recently published the business strategy book “Let Go To Grow” with co-author Linda Sanford, senior VP at IBM Corporation.Dave has a Bachelors in Computer Science, a Masters in Educational Computing (with a focus on adult education) and an MBA and frequently guest lectures at the University of Denver’s Daniels School of Business.

Among his many activities, Dave maintains three weblogs, Intuitive Life Business Blog, focused on business and industry analysis, the eponymously named Ask Dave Taylor devoted to tech and business Q&A and the Attachment Parenting Blog, discussing topics of interest to parents.

Dave is an award-winning, top-rated public speaker, sought after conference and workshop participant and frequent guest on radio and podcast programs throughout the world.


8:00 – 8:30 – Registration8:30 – 9:00 – Welcome and Introductions – Thomas Frey9:00 – 10:00 – Increasing your impact using body language and non-verbal leadership – Michael Cushman and Allison Taylor

10:00 – 10:15 – Break

10:15 – 11:15 – Upgrade your verbal message: Thinking BIG and the structure to get and keep attention – Michael Cushman and Allison Taylor

11:15 – 11:30 – Break

11:30 – 12:30 – Learn how to recognize your limiting beliefs and the tactics to overcome them – Michael Cushman and Allison Taylor

12:30 – 12:35 – Final wrap-up – Thomas Frey

12:35 – Join us for lunch afterwards. Great networking opportunity.

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