Jules is a Conversational Character Robot designed and built by David Hanson. Jules is Ai, made with a light weight material called Frubber™ , which enables his/her face to be mobile and expressive. Jules runs on batteries and was commissioned by the UWE with a statistically perfect androgynous face.

Philip K. Dick robot

Hanson Robotics created this full-size robot designed to look – and talk – like science-fiction author Philip K. Dick.


Hansen Robotics - Jules


Core Technologies

Artificial Intelligence development, or the “brain power” that helps our robots learn, recognize others with computer vision, face detection and identification, recognize speech patterns, and interact intelligently and intuitively in a given scenario. Our AI skills can be used in creating games, toys, artificial pets. You name it!

Frubber™, the elastic polymer that makes realistic facial movement and speech possible while being stronger, more elastic and using only a fraction of the power required for existing materials. Frubber™ has potential to become the future of prosthetics applications, facial reconstruction and many other uses.

Expressions, which allow our characters to emulate the real people they are modeled against using over 62 facial and neck muscles. The potential to harness this power in the medical and entertainment fields is virtually limitless.

Story development, i.e. teaching a robot its history, vocabulary, and developing its basic “personality,” whether it’s based on a real person or an imagined character. It can also be used in training, research and psychiatry scenarios, military training and character development for animation.


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