Study: Childhood Now Ends at Age 11

Childhood is the golden era in one’s life. But, a new study has found that it now effectively ends at the age of 11 with parents increasingly succumbing to “pester pressure” from their kids.

Researchers in Britain have found that children are forcing their parents to authorize freedoms that belie their years in contrast with the traditional upbringings experienced by their moms and dads.

According to the study, more and more teenagers are being allowed to drink alcohol, stay out late, sleep over at their boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s house and have sex, The Daily Telegraph reported on Monday.

Little girls in particular are growing up faster than ever and they no longer want to play with dolls. Instead they go on to pierce their ears, dye their hair and prefer to wear fashionable dresses.

The researchers for the Ramdom House publishers came to the conclusion after carrying out a survey of 1,170 parents with kids under 18.

The survey has showed a gulf between the parental code of a previous generation and the lenient attitudes of today’s parents, with 55 per cent of parents saying that childhood is now “over by 11” – the tender age when children move from primary to secondary school.


Via The Daily Telegraph