steve jobs iphone new apps

Steve Jobs demonstrated a new “App Store” that will be pushed out to all iPhones in June. It’s available now in beta. This will be the exclusive avenue developers will use to get their iPhone apps, written to the newly released SDK, to customers. Developers will get 70% of the proceeds from sales of their goods on the App store, with no further charges for hosting, credit-card processing, etc. Jobs called this “the best deal going to distribute applications in the mobile space.”

That software release — iPhone 2.0 — will be released for free for iPhone users. The same software is also coming to the iPod touch, said Jobs, although those users will need to pay what he described as “a nominal charge.”

The App Store borrows its look and feel from Apple’s iPod software for the iPhone. It breaks out items, categories, top lists and a search function to help iPhone users find the applications they want. You can tap the application’s price to download the software, then tap again to install it, and it will install on the iPhone, either over a cell network or using Wi-Fi. Alternately, users can buy iPhone applications through iTunes running on a computer, installing them by synchronizing the iPhone.


Via MacWorld