Pew Study: Cellphones More Valuable than TV or Internet

Of those surveyed  in Pew’s March Report, between October and December 2007, 51% said it would be hard to give up their mobile phone. Only 45% said so for the Internet, 43% said television and 40% said their landline phone.

This is a sharp reversal from 2002, when the same questions were asked. Back then, 63% said their landline phone, 47% said television and the Internet and mobile phones tied with 38%.

Mobile phones are now being used for a widening variety of activities; 58% of users have sent or received text messages, 19% have e-mailed or accessed the Internet through their phone and 10% have watched videos.

Text messaging predominates among 18-to-30-year-olds; 60% send or receive text messages on typical day compared with 32% of 30 to 49 year olds.

Via Pew Internet & American Life Project