Mini Copter

Our favorite frightening new discovery is a toy-sized helicopter that’s the latest rage in police technology.

The “microdrone” may be small, but for police it’s a powerful new weapon. It’s equipped with an array of technological weaponry, including video and infrared cameras. Images from the camera can be beamed to operators as far as 500 yards away. It even flies almost completely silently.

Our personal favourite accessory is the squirt gun. The chopper comes equipped with a squirt gun filled with “SmartWater”, a liquid that police can use to help identify criminals who’ve come in contact with it.

We were expecting this piece of futuristic machinery to be used in some sort of government covert op, flying silently above mafia meetings taking pictures and the like. We were completely wrong.

So far, the device is being used by the British Transport police, the ones in charge of trains, buses and the like. It’s been helping them catch people stealing pieces of metal from the railways.

The police may be in love with the stealthy little machine, but there’s been some online uproar. Bloggers have been pointing out that a silent flying machine with high-powered cameras has the potential for abuse. They argue that both the police and anyone who can afford the $50,000 to buy one (or more) could easily look in their windows and snoop on their personal lives. With a viewing range of almost 350 feet, they probably have a point.