The Five Tenets of Bootstrap-Management

You are securely belted into the driver’s seat of your new startup and you are about to smash down on the gas pedal to get it launched. You have gone through the steps all startup leaders take in those first few months, and then you realize that there is no road ahead. You smile as you come to grips with the fact that you are indeed blazing a new trail.

Such is the life of a boot-strapping entrepreneur. The rule books are few and those that exist will likely to be read and then tossed aside. You are involved in something new, something important, something that may make you happy, and maybe even rich! Your focus needs to be precise, your vision intact, and each day you should wake with a teeth-gritting smile that says, “I know you think I’m crazy, but I know what I’m doing!”

People who have been down this path understand the adrenaline rush that comes when you are hitting on all cylinders. They understand the feelings of success as small steps are taken toward a greater goal. They also know the fist-clenching, stomach-in-knots-feeling when the roof starts caving in. Brian Baker knows these feelings, and he recognizes their importance to the startup process.

Brian Baker has been leading software and IT startups for 15 years. As a business consultant, Brian taught startup leaders how to run a successful organization. As a company leader himself, Brian has had a visible impact on Internet technology, retail and time-management software, and Consumer Electronics. His proven methodology to running a company on a bootstrap budget has been adopted by dozens of startup CEOs and boards across the country. Obviously, Brian doesn’t believe in the status-quo, nor does he believe in sitting still.


Join us as we learn Brian’s five tenets of bootstrap management hear of his recent experiences as the CEO of Hopscotch Technology (, winner of the DaVinci Institute’s “Inventor of the Year” award!).


Whether a tested entrepreneur, a startup novice, or even just someone with a good idea and no clue of where to begin, everyone in attendance at this event will take away the 5 basic tools to successfully run a startup and to succeed – maybe even get rich!

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