We thought we’d take a little break from the usual and take a look at some cool art cars that geeks have modded into their own visions of coolness. So here’s some random pimped out tonnage of pure nerd love coming at ya. When a nerd has a car, all things are possible…Though it will usually end up having something to do with the Star Wars universe.


Battlestar Galactica Viper-Dean Shorey built this car, based on the Vipers from classic Battlestar Galactica, by hand. We would love to see this thing coming down the street, frakking up the bystanders one by one…


Circuit Board Car – Someone went a little crazy with circuit boards. This one must be blinding in direct sunlight. You have to wonder how much weight the boards added to the car in total.


The Floppy Disk car-A 1998 Honda Civic covered with computer keys and, of course, floppy disks.


Jawa Sandcrawler-I had no idea that Jawas attended Burning Man. I hope they collected enough robot parts to really stick it to the Skywalkers this season.

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