This one is totally amazing. Melodyne is a breakthrough technology that makes it possible to edit individual notes within chords and polyphonic audio material.

What this means is that people, working at home in their basements, can create entire symphonies. Crummy rock band can now sound great. And the music mashup playground will suddenly become the hottest new playground on earth.



Melodyne - Set to Reinvent the Music Recording Industry

Direct Note Access is a development that will change forever the way we handle audio. In the field of images, it has long been possible with the right software not only to correct the tiniest blemishes but also literally to create new realities: pictures that are utterly believable but show us something that in fact never existed. Direct Note Access will give Melodyne users comparable freedom in the field of audio. With Direct Note Access, Melodyne will allow forms of access to audio material that were unthinkable before – ranging from subtle correction to complete recomposition.

Peter Neubäcker

Peter Neubäcker, inventor of Melodyne


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