Millenials Prefer Their TV Online

In an annual survey, Knowledge Networks has found that members of the Millennial generation (currently those ages 13 to 28) are more likely than people of other generations to watch TV shows online. They are also more likely, according to the survey results, to give purchase consideration to episode sponsors.

One-third of Millennial respondents had visited an official TV program Web site. Only 27% of the Gen X (ages 29 to 42) and 19% of early boomers (ages 43 to 54) had done the same.

Of those who used the official TV program Web site, 62% of Gen Y respondents had viewed a full length episode while on the site, compared with 41% of Gen X and 32% of young boomers.

In addition, 60% of Millennial respondents said that sponsorship of an entire episode on the program’s site would increase their consideration of the brand. This was more than Gen X or Boomer respondents, 50% and 44% respectively.

“Encouraging is that younger persons, ages 13 to 34, are the highest proportion of users of these assets – the same Gen X and Millennial users whom networks were concerned about losing to new digital options.” said David Tice, vice president at Knowledge Networks.

Knowledge Networks Via eMarketer