“Could I have some artwork with that cappuccino?” Not exactly something you hear at Starbucks a lot, but if this coffee-printer technology goes mainstream, who knows? Wait, a coffee printer? Yep, Oleskiy Pikalo woke up one day with a hankerin’ for some fancy designs on his latte, so he bought a used Philips 8155 x-y flatbed plotter and modified it to shoot out edible ink. The result is a machine that can draw surprisingly detailed art on your cup of joe — and put creative baristas everywhere to shame.

It’s doubtful any Starbucks outside of Florence would install one of these suckers, if only for the reason it’ll add at least 2 minutes to your order. Still, on a sleepy Sunday afternoon at the Met Museum’s cafe, I’d wait the extra time for novelty’s sake. Though I’d feel guilty for drinking it.

Via DVice