The waffle, in typical Japanese fashion, has been dissected and re-concocted. Substituting the gooey rice paste, mochi, for the wheat flour used by westerners in the waffle, Japanese chefs have created the moffle, Japan’s latest food craze. And a quick-thinking entrepreneur stepped up the craze by creating the Moffle, a moffle cooker.

Moffles reportedly taste like mochi, which can be sweet or tangy, depending on the ingredients blended with the paste. However, unlike dry mochi rice cakes, moffles are crisp on the outside and moist and chewy on the inside.

The moffle has already jumped the menu-scope of the humble waffle. It is not just a breakfast item with sweet syrup, or a desert item with ice cream and chocolate fudge sauce, the moffle is used as a bread or cracker substitute with sushi… and for making sandwiches!