Naughty Easter Parade

Organizers of a popular Easter parade are feeling the heat after adult-themed items were thrown to the crowd as prizes during this year’s festivities.

Many parents complained that the 60th annual Dunbar Easter Parade in Fort Myers crossed the line Sunday, with some floats that were not suitable for children.

Every year thousands line the streets of the Dunbar neighborhood for a family friendly event.

Among the items thrown to the crowd this year were cigarette lighters from a bail bond company, a card promoting an event at a club with scantily clad women on it and a CD containing curse words and explicit lyrics.

Many parents we appalled.

“I think it’s completely inappropriate,” said one mother.

Another man nearby added, “It’s wrong. I think it’s just wrong and then you have to go and explain this card to your children.”

Promoters handing out the risqué cards said they were only being handed out to adults, but cameras caught them in the hands of several children.

Parade organizers shared parents’ outrage and pledged to better review all floats and participants next year.

Officials will meet on Tuesday to discuss what went wrong and how to make sure controversial items will never be thrown to kids again.