Mr Roberts finds himself awoken inexplicably in a white room. A man sits before him at a desk and in between them stands a black button. If Mr Roberts pushes it, he will receive a briefcase filled with millions of dollars. Or he can take the key to the door and leave penniless. The catch? Pushing the button will result in the death of a human being. What would you do?



  • YouTube Awards 2007 – Top Six Finalist, Best Short Film
  • WINNER: Fitzroy Short Film Festival (Melb, Aus)
  • WINNER: DearCinemaFest Short Film Festival (Int.)

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EDIT 1: Some people have observed a similarity in the premise of this film and an revival episode of The Twilight Zone in 1986. Please note (1) We had never seen the episode and only learnt of it long after we’d finished the film (2) The Twilight Zone weren’t the first to do it. It’s an old premise called the ‘Faustian Bargain’, around since the 16th century (deal with the ‘devil’) (3) Our film is similar in premise, but different in plot, characters, dialogue, aesthetics, setting, moral meaning, religious undertone, twist etc. And unless the Matrix has a copyright on the colour white, this film has nothing to do with the Matrix. The Twilight Zone, Star Trek, The Outer Limits, an obscure Roman Portugese writer etc, we are all using the SAME PREMISE. It’s the Faustian Bargain and it’s been around for centuries. Each version, including ours, aims to bring something new to an old idea. Please have the respect to not accuse us of plagiarism.

EDIT 2: Firstly, thanks YouTube for the feature! Secondly, thanks to all of you for watching and commenting! I’ll just take the time to say that we have no particular religious affiliation; this is a fictional work and its ideas are designed to encourage thought and debate, not comment on any particular theology.

Our first professional short film. We made it for $200 and shot it on the stage of our old school in Melbourne, Australia. Fortunately, professional actor Robert Grubb agreed to act in it for free after reading the script. This film took nearly a year to put together, working on it in stages and creating the ‘white’ effect on a home PC. Please note that the younger actor, unlike Robert Grubb, has no formal acting training whatsoever.


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