Over the Counter Home DNA Paternity Test

In-home DNA paternity tests are used in situations when the tested parties want to know the truth without causing a disturbance in the family, to have peace of mind, or to satisfy their curiosity. No really.  Some people are just curious.

After home pregnancy kits revolutionized stick peeing from an office to a home affair, the door was opened to the general public performing previously lab-only work on their own toilets. Identigene and Rite Aid have taken it one step further, allowing you to tell whether or not that kid is yours with a simple $29.99 kit (plus $119 lab fee) that includes three mouth-rubbing swabs. Results are obtained in the longest three to five business days you’ve ever experienced, but if you want a result that’s actually “court admissible”, you’ll have to pay an another additional fee. And honestly, who would get one of these just out of curiosity and not have it be in preparation for some sort of custody battle?

DNA Testing via Gearlog